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Definition of

pure endowment


gift with conditions attached a gift that can only be used in the way laid down by its donor

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  • When Form Follows Function: How Core–Satellite Investing Has Sparked an Era of Convergence

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    Nineteenth century Chicago architect Louis Sullivan famously observed that a building’s design must follow from its functional use. The same might be said about the design of modern portfolios and their management entities (pensions, endowments, asset managers, etc.). After emerging over the past
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  • Raising Capital in Global Financial Markets

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    equity requires a long-term approach. Institutional investors such as pension funds and endowments are major investors in private equity, and private equity has become accepted as a distinct asset class. During the last decade there was considerable allocation by institutions into this asset class
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  • Managing Shariah-Compliant Portfolios: The Challenges, the Process, and the Opportunities

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    It pointed out that wealth management is generally a term that describes the management of savings for individuals on a planned, professional basis, and asset management as being essentially the same activity but for institutional investors such as pension funds and endowments.
    By John Sandwick


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