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Definition of

public monopoly


when government is sole supplier of good a situation of limited competition in the public sector, usually relating to nationalized industries

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  • Ronald Harry Coase


    focuses on the nature of the firm, producers’ expectations, and natural monopolies. He has received many honorary degrees, and is a Fellow of the British Academy, the European Academy, and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

  • Intellectual Property—Copyright


    be original and in a fixed medium. Original ideas cannot be copyrighted unless they take the form of written or broadcasted work. Any items that are already in the public domain cannot be the subject of a copyright claim.

  • Portugal

    Whitaker's Almanack Country Profiles

    Major broadcasters – The monopoly of the public broadcaster RTP ended in 1992, and commercial stations now dominate the market

  • Libya

    QFINANCE Country Profiles

    The Libyan economy depends primarily upon revenues from the oil sector, which contribute about 95% of export earnings, about 25% of GDP, and 60% of public-sector wages. Libya has taken advantage of its improved ties with the West to attract foreign investment, and a primary aim of government policy is to reduce dependence on oil and reduce the government’s role in the economy.


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