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Definition of

public funds


money that government spends money that a government has available for expenditure

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  • Tripping over Prudence—Ideas for a Sensible Fix for Basel II
    by Samuel Sender, Noel Amenc
    One of the great ironies of the present crisis, given the prevailing consensus that it was too much easy, low-cost credit that caused the US housing bubble, and sent investors off in search of higher returns, is the way the crisis has been exacerbated by undue regulatory prudence. For this, Basel II, as it currently stands, must take some of the blame, as must regulators around the world, who have failed so far to take sensible action to...
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  • Private Investments in Public Equity

    Best Practice

    As mentioned above, companies of all sizes have used PIPEs to raise money. Larger companies pursue PIPEs as a quicker and cheaper route to funding than a registered public offering. The vast majority of PIPE deals, however, are undertaken by small public companies. These companies generally pursue
    By William K. Sjostrom, Jr

  • Going Private: Public-to-Private Leveraged Buyouts

    Best Practice

    When a listed company is acquired and subsequently delisted, the transaction is referred to as a public-to-private or going-private transaction. As most such transactions are financed by substantial borrowing, which is used to repurchase most of the outstanding equity, they are called leveraged
    By Luc Renneboog

  • Public–Private Partnerships in Emerging Markets

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    Given the poor state of public-sector resources around the world, made even worse by the global financial crisis, governments have been seeking to enhance resources by attracting private sector participation. Such participation may be somewhat unstructured, or more formal. The public
    By Peter Koveos, Pierre Yourougou


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