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Definition of

profits tax


tax on firm's profit any tax on a company's profits, for example, UK corporation tax

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  • Gross Profit Margin Ratio


    The gross profit margin ratio measures how efficiently a company uses its resources, materials, and labor in the production process by showing the percentage of net sales remaining after subtracting the cost of making and selling a product or service. It is usually expressed as a percentage

  • Increasing the Profitability of Small and Medium Enterprises—A Practical Guide

    Best Practice

    Past tax statements can be examined to determine the reported income. But profitability thinking requires that a manager categorize past revenues in as many ways as he can: by year, individual product, product line, customer, geography, sales channel—even by selling technique (for example sales
    By Tom Brown

  • Creating a Profit and Loss (P&L) Account


    Reading a P&L is the easiest way to tell if a business has made a profit or a loss during a given month or year. The most important figure it contains is net profit: what is left over after revenues are used to pay expenses and taxes.

  • Preparing Financial Statements: Profit and Loss Accounts (P&Ls)


    This checklist outlines the ways profit and loss accounts (P&Ls), or income statements, are prepared in financial statements.


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