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Definition of

productivity measurement

Operations & Production

measure of production efficiency a measurement of the efficiency of production, taking the form of a ratio of the output of goods and services to the input of factors of production.

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  • Measuring Brand Reputation

    Best Practice

    is the expectation of what a product or service delivers. Simply put, brand is what a company says about itself. Reputation is the collective perception of a company’s stakeholders, based on whether the brand matches the company’s performance and behaviors. In other words, reputation is what others think about your
    By Andrew Tucker

  • Measuring Company Exposure to Country Risk

    Best Practice

    For those investors who are uncomfortable with the notion that all companies in a market are equally exposed to country risk, a fairly simple alternative is to assume that a company’s exposure to country risk is proportional to its exposure to all other market risk, which is measured by the beta
    By Aswath Damodaran

  • Tools for Measuring Interest Rate Risk

    Best Practice

    One can understand risk intuitively as the chance of an unpleasant surprise. Financial institutions must be able to manage their exposure to risk. To accomplish this task, they must be able to identify the risks to which they are exposed and measure that exposure. Numerous types of risk put a
    By Steven V. Mann

  • Multidimensional Performance Measurement Using the Balanced Scorecard

    Best Practice

    Organizational managers and employees typically manage their work in terms of physical flows and other nonfinancial resources. For example, sales managers focus on market size, sales volume, share of wallet, customer satisfaction, and similar measures. Production managers concentrate on production
    By Priscilla Wisner


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