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Definition of

probability sampling


creating statistical sample that could include any individual in a statistical study, a way of sampling in which every individual in a finite population has a known, but not necessarily equal, chance of being included in the sample

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  • Binomial Distribution


    This is considered to be the most accurate calculation of binomial probabilities, since it involves precise calculation. However, it is best used where n is less than 1,000, or where you are using a computer program to perform more complex calculations on larger sample sizes.

  • Modeling Market Risk

    Best Practice

    The idea of Monte Carlo VaR simulation is to fit the log-returns to some parametric distribution and to replace the historical log-returns in the above equation by samples for the probability distribution. The choice of the probability distribution has a big impact on the properties and performance of the VaR model
    By Marius Bochniak

  • Analysis Using Monte Carlo Simulation


    Monte Carlo simulation randomly samples inputs to produce many thousands of possible outcomes, rather than a few discrete scenarios as produced, for example, by deterministic modeling using single-point estimates. Monte Carlo results also give probabilities for different outcomes. Lay decision

  • Covariance


    Covariance measures the relationship between two random variables. For example, we might measure whether a sample population liked drinking wine, and whether they liked eating cheese. Covariance is a form of probability theory that allows us to measure the extent to which those two random variables


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