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Definition of

private placing

Stockholding & Investments

sale of securities directly to investors the sale of securities directly to institutions for investment rather than resale.

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  • Equity Issues by Listed Companies: Rights Issues and Other Methods
    by Seth Armitage
    This article is about issues of shares to investors by companies that are already listed on a stock exchange. Such issues are often called rights issues, although in fact the rights issue is only one of several issue methods used. Other methods will also be discussed here. A generic term for issues by listed companies is seasoned equity offers (SEOs).
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  • Rights Issues and Placings

    Key Concepts

    Listed companies can also raise cash via a placing. This is a method of selling shares and other financial securities in the primary market. Securities are offered to the sponsors or brokers of private clients and/or a narrow group of investors.

  • Going Private: Public-to-Private Leveraged Buyouts

    Best Practice

    In a going-private transaction, the last mechanism in particular can lead to substantial expropriation of bondholder wealth if protective covenants are not in place.
    By Luc Renneboog

  • Understanding and Accessing Private Equity for Small and Medium Enterprises

    Best Practice

    thereby making as much profit as possible. The exit can take place within the framework of an IPO, a trade sale, or a buy-back by the previous shareholders. Professional private equity investors usually expect a rate of return of more than 30% per annum. The expectations of business angels may differ.
    By Arne-G. Hostrup


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