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Definition of

private limited company


private UK firm with small number of stockholders in the United Kingdom and some other countries, a company that has a small number of stockholders and whose stock is not traded on the stock exchange

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  • Going Private: Public-to-Private Leveraged Buyouts

    Best Practice

    When a listed company is acquired and subsequently delisted, the transaction is referred to as a public-to-private or going-private transaction. As most such transactions are financed by substantial borrowing, which is used to repurchase most of the outstanding equity, they are called leveraged
    By Luc Renneboog

  • Understanding and Accessing Private Equity for Small and Medium Enterprises

    Best Practice

    As regards the extent of the stakes acquired under company law, the range varies from minority and majority holdings to complete takeovers by the private equity investor. The investor’s objective is to sell the acquired shares at a later point in time within the framework of a so-called exit
    By Arne-G. Hostrup

  • Public–Private Partnerships in Emerging Markets

    Best Practice

    schemes may involve a variety of instruments such as the special-purpose vehicle (SPV), a legal entity with its own assets and obligations. Creation of this joint venture among project sponsors enables the flow of funds. An SPV is a highly leveraged company, with typically limited-recourse debt and limited
    By Peter Koveos, Pierre Yourougou

  • Private Equity Fund Monitoring and Risk Management

    Best Practice

    The monitoring process of private equity fund commitments is at the fund level, and is focused on the progress of the portfolio companies and financial performance. At the fund manager level, the investor concentrates on the manager’s structural and behavioral developments, such as adherence to the strategy, governance structures, compliance with the terms of the partnership agreement, and the value contribution to the underlying portfolio companies.
    By Rainer Ender


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