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Definition of

primary product


natural resource, often used in other products a product which is a basic raw material, for example, wood, milk, or fish

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    Cost allocation in firms can provide misleading information about the profitability of products, product lines, customers, and markets. Traditional cost allocation practices allocate all manufacturing overhead costs using a single driver such as direct labor hours, direct labor dollars, or machine hours. Sales-related costs are typically ignored. While technically accurate, in most complex organizations a single overhead cost driver is not...
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    What does a callable, daily, dual-currency range accrual with quanto features have in common with a sugar-free, hazelnut-flavored, soya milk decaf cappuccino? The answer is that both are products.
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  • Kevin Burrows


    Kevin Burrows is a senior investment analyst and portfolio adviser for the Nedgroup range of funds of funds, which totals approximately US$600,000,000. His areas of primary responsibility include fixed-income, event-driven, distressed debt, and global macro-strategies, where he performs extensive and in-depth manager search and due diligence for initial investment and on an ongoing basis


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