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Definition of

placement fee

Stockholding & Investments

broker's fee for sale a fee that a stockbroker receives for a sale of shares.

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  • Equity Issues by Listed Companies: Rights Issues and Other Methods

    Best Practice

    A third type of offer is the private placement. In the United States, private placement refers to the sale of a block of shares by private negotiation, usually to one or two investors only and for a fairly small amount (a few million dollars). Placements are less onerous to arrange than firm
    By Seth Armitage

  • Issues in Issuing Insurance-Linked Securities

    Best Practice

    Automobile Association (USAA), the placement agent was Goldman Sachs, and the issue size was US$500 million.
    By Morton Lane

  • Borrowing Costs and Capitalization


    Debt issuance costs are the underwriting, legal, and administrative fees required to issue the debt. These fees are significant when issuing debt in the public markets, such as bonds. However, other types of debt, such as private placements or bank loans, are cheaper to issue because they require

  • The Emergence and Development of Islamic Banking

    Best Practice

    The second category of services, which attract some sort of commission, fixed charge, or fee, is considered an important source of income for banks. Therefore the sources of funding for Islamic banks are mainly owner’s equity, deposits, and special funds. This is illustrated in Table 1.
    By Umar Oseni, M. Kabir Hassan


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