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Definition of

personnel management

HR & Personnel

appointment, training, and welfare of employees the part of management that is concerned with people and their relationships at work. Personnel management is the responsibility of all those who manage people, as well as a description of the work of specialists. Personnel managers advise on, formulate, and implement personnel policies such as recruitment, conditions of employment, performance appraisal, training, industrial relations, and health and safety. There are various models of personnel management, of which human resource management is the most recent.

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  • Managing Retirement Costs

    Best Practice

    Unfortunately, in large organizations, human resources and personnel managers—who were the first to feel the effects of this trend—have found it difficult to convince senior management of its importance, primarily because the problem is not immediate
    By Beverly Goldberg

  • Reducing Costs through Change Management

    Best Practice

    Senior management must take responsibility for seeing to it that this natural resistance to change is planned for and that programs are put in place to overcome it before it can delay or even derail the new direction the business is taking.
    By Beverly Goldberg

  • Challenges in Management Skills Development


    Simon Earp is director of corporate development and director of the University of Edinburgh Business School’s part-time MBA program. He has a BSc Dip. Marketing and obtained his management science degree at Warwick University. In addition to running several TCS programs he has overall responsibility
    By Simon Earp, Eddie Cochrane

  • Understanding Crisis Management


    that appropriate personnel structures are in place to help deal with major events that could threaten the business. Management should also impress on their crisis management teams how the company’s core values should be reflected in the methodology employed to steer the organization through the crisis. Additionally


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