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Definition of

performance rating


assessment of stock or firm's performance a judgment of how well a stock or a company has performed

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  • The Ability of Ratings to Predict the Performance of Exchange-Traded Funds
    by Gerasimos G. Rompotis
    Exchange-traded funds, or ETFs, are a relatively new investment product, but they are very important for both institutional and retail investors. ETFs are hybrids of ordinary corporate stocks and open-ended mutual funds which invest in baskets of shares that closely replicate the performance and risk levels of specific broad sector and international indexes. As such, ETFs offer investors a considerable level of risk diversification with just a...
  • The Effect of SOX on Internal Control, Risk Management, and Corporate Governance Best Practice
    by David A. Doney
    The Sarbanes–Oxley Act of 2002 was passed in the context of a series of high-profile corporate scandals, a brief recession, and the events of 9/11. These factors were cited by President George W. Bush as a threat to investor confidence and the US economy overall. He also declared: “This law says to every dishonest corporate leader: you will be exposed and punished; the era of low standards and false profits is over; no boardroom in America is...
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  • The Ability of Ratings to Predict the Performance of Exchange-Traded Funds

    Best Practice

    Because of their success, ETFs have begun to attract significant interest in the finance literature. An issue that so far has not been thoroughly examined is the rating of ETF performance and the ability of ratings to predict future performance. Nevertheless, several companies provide ranking
    By Gerasimos G. Rompotis

  • Multinationality and Financial Performance

    Best Practice

    The regional nature of business means that the traditional financial and accounting metrics used to evaluate international performance need to be revised. These measures assume that firms operate globally, such that financial performance can assume standardized operations across the world
    By Alan Rugman


Definitions of ’performance rating’ and meaning of ’performance rating’ are from the book publication, QFINANCE – The Ultimate Resource, © 2009 Bloomsbury Information Ltd. Find definitions for ’performance rating’ and other financial terms with our online QFINANCE Financial Dictionary.

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