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Definition of

perceived value pricing

Operations & Production

charging what customer will pay setting a price based on the value of the product in the perception of the customer.

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    Best Practice

    Merger success—defined as value creation—depends heavily on how well conceived the deal was to begin with. But a good outcome is even more dependent on having a well-designed and carefully implemented integration strategy. To put it simply, no deal is a good deal if management can’t make it work
    By Price Pritchett

  • Value Creation—Perspectives and Implications

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    creation in terms of economic measures—for example, an increase in share price—we recognize that other important measures of value exist. Quality of life is one such indicator—and even this measure varies with culture and circumstance. Such cultural differences and perspectives are important and should
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  • Understanding and Applying Funds Transfer Pricing

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    This is a far-reaching and strategically essential role that transfer pricing is functionally well placed to play in bank balance sheet management. Such an expanded role will not only attend to the traditional FTP role of fixing the value created by commercial units at the booking point, but will also enable aggregation of all the hedgable risks into one central unit for management and risk capital allocation
    By Hovik Tumasyan

  • Current Price of a Bond


    In the first row, the security is paying its bondholders 7¾% interest and is due to mature in February 2012. Prices in the bid and ask columns are percentages of the bond’s face value of $1,000. A bid of 105:12 means that a buyer was willing to pay $1053.75, compared to the seller’s lowest asking


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