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Definition of

pension entitlement


amount of retirement income due the amount of income that someone has the right to receive when he or she retires

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  • Corporate Covenant and Other Embedded Options in Pension Funds
    by Theo Kocken
    Pension funds in their defined benefit (DB) form and the alternative structures that have evolved over time are among the most complex risk-sharing institutions ever created, not least because they involve many stakeholders (such as employers, retirees, and employees), all of whom assume different risks.The employers assume some of the risks by, for example, being obligated to replenish any shortfall in the pension fund. The pensioners and...
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  • How to Manage Pension Costs

    Best Practice

    population. Governments have frequently reduced the future generosity of state pension entitlements through several means, such as indexing future pension increases to inflation rather than earnings growth, increasing the official pension age to compensate for expected longevity increases, and, in some cases
    By Edmund Truell

  • Corporate Covenant and Other Embedded Options in Pension Funds

    Best Practice

    A better quantification of the risks that the various parties assume, which would enable more effective risk management, would prove very valuable. It could be used to negotiate pension contracts and to agree on any entitlements that stakeholders may have to the potential upside (surplus
    By Theo Kocken

  • Best Practice in Investment Governance for Pension Funds

    Best Practice

    There is increasing evidence to support a link between superior investment performance and an institutional investor’s strong governance. Recent research conducted jointly by the author and Gordon Clark of Oxford University, entitled Best-practice investment management: lessons for asset owners, further clarified this link and identified 12 best-practice factors as being indicative of future success in meeting institutional goals.
    By Roger Urwin


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