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Definition of

paralysis by analysis

General Management

substitution of background work for decision making the inability of managers to make decisions as a result of a preoccupation with attending meetings, writing reports, and collecting statistics and analyses. Paralysis of effective decision making in organizations can occur in situations where there is horizontal conflict, disagreement between different hierarchical levels, or unclear objectives.

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    evaluation over extended periods of time could divert key resources away from core business activities, potentially resulting in the business overlooking valuable opportunities. Extended periods of evaluation run the risk of “paralysis through analysis.” Understanding the shortcomings of available options

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    link between its past and future activities. This led to the identification of four key strategy components: product-market scope, growth vector, competitive advantage, and synergy. He originated the phrase “paralysis by analysis” to describe how excessive planning can impede practical action. He

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    “Paralysis by analysis.”

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    in the history of information technology, the new systems promised much and started promisingly—but the realization of plans proved difficult. Many companies burned holes in their pockets trying to get closer to customers via data. Data analysis turned into data paralysis. The disappointment was as great
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