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Definition of

parallel engineering

Operations & Production

managing development processes side by side a means of reducing product development time and cost by managing development processes so that they can be implemented simultaneously, rather than sequentially.

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  • Multiparty and Multicontract Arbitration

    Best Practice

    Contemporary international transactions are extremely complicated and very often require the participation of several parties in the delivery of a single project. For example, a typical construction project will usually involve—apart from a client and a main contractor—an engineer and/or an architect, several subcontractors, suppliers, financiers, and possibly additional commercial parties
    By Stavros Brekoulakis

  • Every Company Is a Media Company


    to be, because of the activities of websurfers and search engines. Indeed, I would go so far as to say that there is always someone out there who is much better informed about a story than the journalist. The advent of communications technology like the internet, which is so widely available, means that commercial organizations, like the media themselves, need to have greater respect than ever for the consumers of information.
    By Richard Sambrook

  • Goldman Sachs, the Symbol and Essence of What Went Wrong with Western Capitalism


    China is now creating the same sort of entrepreneurial fury—you could call it Silicon Valley times twenty. That already includes venture capital networks, millions of qualified software engineers, links between universities and start-ups.
    By James Anderson

  • Seeding Future Growth: Venture Capital Funding


    VC can also satisfy the parallel hunt by investors for outlets offering more excitement than floundering stock markets and bonds which, at the most secure end, offer the poorest of returns. The big question is whether VC can attract finance on a sufficient scale to achieve what its supporters claim
    By William Kay


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