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Definition of

parallel economy


unofficial, untaxed economic activity economic activity that is not declared for tax purposes and is usually carried out in exchange for cash.

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    The parallels between the two economies are striking: UK real interest rates in the mid-1970s were between –5% and –7.5%, and the public sector deficit reached (and peaked at) 9.4% of nominal GDP in early 1975. As of early 2009, real interest rates in India are –4.5% using the CPI industrial
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    Algeria’s bid to be accepted into the WTO hinges in part on the country’s ability to introduce robust intellectual property protection laws. As a current hotbed for the illegal copying of software and music CDs—dubbed as Algeria’s parallel economy by Temmar—the country has its work cut out

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    of outsourcing to India, as well as having hugely benefited from the Hyderabad version of Silicon Valley. For its part, China has just overtaken Germany as the world’s biggest exporting economy. So India and China exhibit very interesting parallels and differences.
    By Robert Cutler


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