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Definition of

order confirmation


e-mail acknowledgment of order an e-mail message informing a purchaser that an order has been received

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  • Exporting Against Letters of Credit

    Best Practice

    party to the LofC, it has the right to reject amendments. And, in order to take advantage of a bank’s confirmation of a letter of credit, the seller must present documents to that bank.
    By Buddy Baker

  • Best Practices in Cash Flow Management and Reporting

    Best Practice

    -date deadlines. Reference information is sent with the order and, with confirmation from the bank via the account statement, this information results in reduced administration expenses. Automated controls ensure that the information flow complies with security regulations.
    By Hans-Dieter Scheuermann

  • Understanding the UCP600

    Best Practice

    in their publication number 600, commonly referred to as the “UCP600,” and set the effective date as July 1, 2007. This article describes the UCP rules and their revisions, some of the limitations of the UCP, what was not revised, and what managers need to know in order to avoid being tripped up by the UCP600.
    By Buddy Baker

  • Personal Guarantees and the Potential Consequences of Giving Them


    a written confirmation of the termination; otherwise, he/she may remain liable for the debt.


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