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Definition of

operations management

Operations & Production

overseeing of production processes the maintenance, control, and improvement of organizational activities that are required to produce goods or services for consumers. Operations management has traditionally been associated with manufacturing activities but can also be applied to the service sector.

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  • Managing Operational Risks Using an All-Hazards Approach

    Best Practice

    For the purpose of this discussion, Operational Risk Management (ORM) is considered to be the policies, methods, practices, and institutional culture that enable an enterprise to understand, prioritize, and control risks that threaten the well-being of the organization, its business partners
    By Mark Abkowitz

  • Qatar Guide to Asset Management: Regulation, Operations, Planning, and Strategy

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    There were US$85.8 billion (€59.4 billion) of assets under management in the Gulf Co-operation Council region last year (National Bank of Abu Dhabi’s GCC Mutual Fund Index) and while Qatar represents a small proportion of the GCC funds industry, this is rapidly changing.
    By Qatar Financial Centre Authority

  • Money Managers

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    there are different vehicles through which fund managers operate, often in response to legal and taxation rules. These can include pension and life insurance funds, open- and closed-end funds, mutual funds, and others. More recently there has been a huge growth in exchange-traded funds, which reflect the value of a
    By David Pitt-Watson

  • Incorporating Operational and Performance Auditing into Compliance and Financial Auditing

    Best Practice

    What are we seeking to achieve by using performance and operational auditing? The aim is to find out whether business operations are being managed in an economic, efficient, and effective manner; whether procedures for promoting and monitoring the 3Es are adequate; and, importantly, whether
    By Andrew Cox


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