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Definition of

opening balance


amount at beginning of record the value of a financial quantity at the beginning of an accounting period

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    from being primarily concerned with being the custodian of the numbers, to embracing an ever-larger business partnership role, ensuring that the numbers are shared and understood by every corner of the business in a very open way.
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    ’ equity statement—a statement summarizing the opening balance, additions to and deductions from, and the closing balance of the stockholders’ equity account, over a stated period. While the purpose of each of these statements is relatively easy to understand, some of the terminology contained in company

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    If the company entered China operations fairly soon after China’s market opening, the relevant capital structures –such as equity joint ventures, cooperative joint ventures, wholly owned foreign enterprises (WOFEs), and representative offices—have varying levels of restrictive regimes for the movement of local and foreign currencies. Structures sanctioned later by the government have more favorable regulatory treatment regarding the types of liquidity tools that can be employed
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    We never open a balance sheet to analyze the contents, and we never visit a company or talk to its CEO or board.
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