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Definition of


  • 1. Finance

    loss through becoming out of date the loss of value of a fixed asset due to advances in technology or changes in market conditions

  • 2. Marketing

    becoming out of date the decline of products in a market due to the introduction of better competitor products or rapid technology developments. Obsolescence of products can be a planned process, controlled by introducing deliberate minor cosmetic changes to a product every few years to encourage new purchases. It can also be unplanned, however, and in some sectors the pace of technological change is so rapid that the rate of obsolescence is high Obsolescence is part of the product life cycle, and if a product cannot be turned around, it may lead to product abandonment.

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    Effective practice in stock control requires effort and resources to introduce a system which offers maximum advantage at a reasonable cost and takes into consideration the cost of finance, storage, insurance, handling, obsolescence, and theft. Efficient stock control ensures that a company has

  • Fair Value Accounting: SFAS 157 and IAS 39

    Best Practice

    adjusted for obsolescence such as physical, functional (technological), and economic (external) obsolescence.
    By Kevin Ow Yong

  • The Missing Metrics: Managing the Cost of Complexity

    Best Practice

    As noted earlier, many of the extra costs reside in accounts like deductions, allowances, premium freight costs, or variances. Complexity creates noticeable increases in overhead and administrative expenses; impacts the reserve available for inventory obsolescence; or incurs additional labor to rework, repack, and remark inventory
    By John L. Mariotti

  • Leveraged Buyouts: What, Why, When, and How

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    Furthermore, companies with a cyclical business, or those materially exposed to major exogenous risks such as technological obsolescence or fashion risk, are also less-optimal buyout candidates. Explicitly recurring revenue businesses (i.e., contractual) or implicit (for example, regularly
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