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Definition of

notional income


income not physically received invisible benefit that is not actual money, goods, or services

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  • How Taxation Impacts on Liquidity Management

    Best Practice

    treaties, and there will be no WHT on interest earned or paid, or on income from dividends. These locations should also enable the repatriation of profits without tax deductions. Note, however, that in common with many business decisions, tax is not the only factor. Issues over staff availability
    By Martin O’Donovan

  • Introduction to Islamic Financial Risk Management Products

    Best Practice

    rate swap is a hedging arrangement that is used to limit exposure to possible losses of expected income due to interest rate movements, and there is a similar demand for shariah-compliant products to limit exposure in Islamic investments where the profit, rent, or commission is linked in part
    By Qudeer Latif, Susi Crawford

  • Assessing Opportunities for Growth in Small and Medium Enterprises

    Best Practice

    mortgages, pension funds, etc.—followed by funding from family and friends. A family member with a steady income and solid credit record may be the cosigner on a bank loan. For some companies, financing may not be available at all. In such situations, “bootstrapping” may be the appropriate course of action
    By Frank Hoy

  • Forecasting the Credit Crunch and Future Market Prospects


    To be sure, confidence about existing conditions and the notion that the good times could carry on indefinitely was widespread. Although there were clear signs that something was amiss, many people drank the bullish Kool-Aid and warmed to the fantasy of a Goldilocks economy. They believed
    By Michael J. Panzner


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