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Definition of

non-financial incentive scheme


UK program rewarding performance other than with money in the United Kingdom, a program offering benefits such as additional paid vacations, set up to reward employees for improved commitment and performance and as a means of motivation.

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  • Yet Another Nail in the Final Salary Scheme Coffin


    From the employee’s perspective a DC scheme is almost always seen as a lesser one. However, if the pension scheme is genuinely threatening the viability of the company, the employee has the incentive of knowing that the switch could mean the difference between having a job or having no job.
    By Tony Clare

  • Enhance Competitive Performance via Critical Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

    Best Practice

    organizational, as well as employee performance. A PMS develops key performance indicators (KPIs), or metrics, depending on the nature and activities of the organization. KPIs can serve as the cornerstone of an organization’s employee incentive schemes. KPIs are used as guidelines and incentives to facilitate
    By Zahirul Hoque

  • Employee Stock Options

    Best Practice

    Holders of employee stock options have an incentive to act in a way that increases the value of the options. The fair value of employee stock options is, as described above, sensitive to the company’s stock price, the expected volatility of the stock, and the dividends expected to be paid on the stock during the life of the options. Employees may act, through enhanced performance, to increase company performance, and that in turn may be reflected in the stock price
    By Peter Casson

  • Pension Fund Management

    Key Concepts

    These stakeholders include all existing and future recipients of income from the pension plan as well as those parties contributing to the plan, including employees and the business, government, or union offering employees the benefit of future retirement provision. As an incentive to decrease their reliance


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