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Definition of

non-contributory pension scheme


pension plan financed by employer a pension plan to which the employee makes no contribution in terms of premiums.

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  • Pension Schemes: A Unique and Unintended Basket of Risks on the Balance Sheet

    Best Practice

    The problem is particularly acute for defined benefit schemes—occupational schemes where the pension benefits are fixed in advance and are often calculated as a proportion of an employee’s final salary. Many include provision for dependents such as widows, and can even be indexed to inflation. These proved to be enormously popular in the aftermath of the Second World War, when many companies saw them as an effective way to defer compensation for workers to future years
    By Amarendra Swarup

  • How to Manage Pension Costs

    Best Practice

    Countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands, with traditionally larger private sector involvement in pension provision, face unique challenges due to the defined benefit (DB) nature of their pension schemes. In these countries, DB pensions are linked to the salary
    By Edmund Truell

  • The Importance of Defined-Benefit Occupational Pension Schemes in Selected OECD Countries

    White Papers

    This paper discusses the role which (funded) defined benefit private sector occupational pension schemes play in national pensions in a sub-group of OECD countries. The paper shows that in the majority of countries under consideration statutory (state) pension schemes are the main if not only source of income in retirement for most people, with occupational pensions only playing at most a minor role
    By Frank Eich

  • Pension Fund Management

    Key Concepts

    Pension fund management requires the investment of assets to achieve the long-term provision of funding for retirement. The management of pension funds can be differentiated from mainstream asset management in that pension fund management typically adopts a much more conservative approach to risk to meet the needs of all pension stakeholders


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