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Definition of

net salary


earnings after all deductions have been made the salary remaining after deductions for taxes, social security, medicare, and any employee share of insurance premiums.

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  • Creating a Profit and Loss (P&L) Account


    NET SALES750,000Less: cost of goods sold450,000Gross profit300,000LESS: OPERATING EXPENSESSelling expensesSalaries & commissions54,000Advertising37,500Delivery/transportation12,000Depreciation/store equipment7,500Other selling expenses5,000Total selling expenses116,000General & administrative expensesAdministrative/office salaries74,000Utilities2,500Depreciation/structure2,400Misc

  • Analyzing a Bank’s Financial Performance

    Best Practice

    Banks lend money and accept deposits, invest excess funds, generate fee income, and pay bills. On the face of it, and through a quick perusal of a bank’s income statement, the concept appears straightforward enough—generate a healthy net interest income and enough noninterest income to cover all
    By Jyothi Manohar

  • Valuing Pension Fund Liabilities on the Balance Sheet

    Best Practice

    they will be determined by a number of variables, including the benefits that employees are entitled to (which will change as their salary and employment status change), the prior contributions made by the employer (and the returns they have earned), the expected retirement date of employees, and the rate of return
    By Steven Lowe

  • Preparing Financial Statements: Profit and Loss Accounts (P&Ls)


    A profit and loss account, also known as an income statement or a statement of revenue and expense, is a financial statement that indicates how revenue (money received from the sale of products and services before expenses are taken out) is transformed into net income (the result after all revenues


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