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Definition of

net return


profit from investment after expenditures the amount received from an investment, taking taxes and transaction costs into account

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  • Value Creation—Perspectives and Implications
    by John C. Groth
    This article focuses on the creation of value by a company or organization. We assume a competitive environment in the sense that the end user of a product or service has the right to buy or not to buy, to use or not to use a product or service. Although the discussion and examples focus on value creation in terms of economic measures—for example, an increase in share price—we recognize that other important measures of value exist. Quality of...
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  • Comparing Net Present Value and Internal Rate of Return

    Best Practice

    To this point neither of the two discounted cash flow procedures for evaluating an investment is obviously incorrect. In many situations, the internal rate of return (IRR) procedure will lead to the same decision as the net present value (NPV) procedure, but there are also times when the IRR may
    By Harold Bierman, Jr

  • Return on Assets


    Return on assets—or simply ROA—may also be termed return on total assets (ROTA) or return on net assets (RONA). Whatever its designation, it is often referred to as the No. 1 ratio in finance.

  • Return on Investment


    Return on investment (ROI) is a ratio that is used frequently—perhaps too frequently. Its definition can vary widely. Indeed, ROI today is not only a family of measurements of the performance of invested capital but also a concept, one used to justify expenditure on almost everything.


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