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Definition of

net receipts


income after all deductions have been made receipts calculated after the deduction of commission, tax, discounts, and other associated expenses.

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  • Net Present Value


    Net present value (NPV) expresses the sum total of an investment’s future net cash flows (receipts less payments) minus the investment’s initial costs. It is an investment appraisal tool.

  • Creating a Cash Flow Statement


    flows from investment activities ($)Purchases of marketable securities−58,000Receipts from sales of marketable securities45,000Loans made to borrowers−16,000Collections on loans11,000Purchases of plant and real estate assets−150,000Receipts from sales of plant and real estate assets47,000Net cash flow

  • Creating a Profit and Loss (P&L) Account


    Reading a P&L is the easiest way to tell if a business has made a profit or a loss during a given month or year. The most important figure it contains is net profit: what is left over after revenues are used to pay expenses and taxes.

  • Preparing a Cash Flow Forecast


    ’s cash receipts and disbursements (R&D). Receipts primarily include accounts from recent sales, sales of other assets, proceeds of financing, etc. Disbursements include salaries, payments for recent purchases, dividends, and debt servicing. Many of the R&D entries are based on projected future sales.


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