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Definition of

net pay


total pay minus deductions the amount of pay an employee receives after all deductions such as income tax, social security, or pension contributions.

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  • Who Will Pay? Intergenerational Transfers and Public Sector Pensions

    White Papers

    Whether a generation receives a net subsidy from another generation (or other generations) can only be determined at the end of their life cycle and not at any particular point in time during their lives. The paper therefore focuses on the flows between the welfare state and generations over their whole
    By Frank Eich

  • Capital Budgeting: The Dominance of Net Present Value

    Best Practice

    With zero taxes, the net present value of an investment may be described as the maximum amount a firm could pay for the opportunity of making the investment without being financially worse off. If no such payment must be made, the expected net present value is an unrealized capital gain from
    By Harold Bierman, Jr

  • Net Added Value (NAV) and Adjusted NAV


    Net added value, or net asset value, is the value of a corporate asset or business based on its assets minus its liabilities. Adjusted NAV refers to the value once it has been adjusted for any known or suspected differences between market value and book value. In share dealing, NAV refers

  • Gross Profit Margin Ratio


    The gross profit margin ratio measures how efficiently a company uses its resources, materials, and labor in the production process by showing the percentage of net sales remaining after subtracting the cost of making and selling a product or service. It is usually expressed as a percentage


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