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Definition of

net fixed assets


worth of fixed assets after depreciation the value of fixed assets after depreciation as shown on a balance sheet

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  • Return on Assets


    Return on assets—or simply ROA—may also be termed return on total assets (ROTA) or return on net assets (RONA). Whatever its designation, it is often referred to as the No. 1 ratio in finance.

  • Asset Utilization


    Income/Plant measures how effectively a company uses its investment in fixed assets to generate net income.

  • Defining Assets


    Collectively, the value of all the resources a company uses to conduct business and generate profits. Examples of assets are cash, marketable securities, accounts and notes receivable, inventory of merchandise, real estate, machinery and office equipment, natural resources, and intangibles

  • Asset Liability Management for Pension Funds

    Best Practice

    The management of a pension fund has to make decisions about its strategic asset allocation, its contributions policy, and its indexing policy in a context of acceptable financial risk. It has to meet the return requirements necessary to improve benefit payments on the one hand, and to stay in line
    By Ruud Kleynen


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