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Definition of

net asset value per share


firm's net market value divided by share number the value of a company's stock assessed by subtracting any liabilities from the market value and dividing the remainder by the number of shares of stock issued

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    By itself, EPS doesn’t reveal a great deal. Its true value lies in comparing EPS figures across several quarters, or years, to judge the growth of a company’s earnings on a per-share basis.

  • Net Added Value (NAV) and Adjusted NAV


    Net added value, or net asset value, is the value of a corporate asset or business based on its assets minus its liabilities. Adjusted NAV refers to the value once it has been adjusted for any known or suspected differences between market value and book value. In share dealing, NAV refers

  • The Value and Management of Intellectual Property, Intangible Assets, and Goodwill

    Best Practice

    The excess profits method looks at the current value of the net tangible assets employed as the benchmark for an estimated rate of return to calculate the profits that are required in order to induce investors to invest into those net tangible assets. Any return over and above those profits required
    By Kelvin King

  • Dividend Policy: Maximizing Shareholder Value

    Best Practice

    For example, suppose a firm has one million shares outstanding selling at $40 per share. The value of the stock equity is $40 million. If it pays a $4 million cash dividend, the value of the stock equity will be $36 million. Then, as a result of the cash dividend:
    By Harold Bierman, Jr


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