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Definition of

natural capitalism


capitalism incorporating environmentalism an approach to capitalism in which protection of the Earth's resources is a strategic priority

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  • Intellectual Capital

    Best Practice

    Karl-Erik Sveiby, a Swede, intrigued by the anomalous stockmarket behavior of knowledge-intensive companies, began an investigation that produced the first analysis of the nature of intellectual capital. Sveiby, his colleagues, and Affärsvärlden, Sweden’s oldest business magazine, noticed
    By Thomas A. Stewart

  • Renewing Capitalism


    Matthew Bishop is the US Business Editor and New York Bureau Chief of The Economist. He was previously the magazine’s London-based Business Editor. His latest book, The Road from Ruin: How to Renew Capitalism and Put America Back on Top, with Michael Green, was published by Crown in February 2010
    By Matthew Bishop

  • Allocating Corporate Capital Fairly

    Best Practice

    The appetite of organizations for capital is insatiable. Understanding the nature of capital and its effective allocation is essential to organizational success. Classical economics defines land, labor, and capital as the determinants of wealth, each being exclusive to its owner. Now there is a
    By John L. Mariotti

  • Capital Structure: Perspectives

    Best Practice

    The choice of assets, how well we manage the assets, and the nature and success of our providing product/services to markets, taxes, and other factors determine the business risk of the company. The business risk influences the cost of equity capital. For a firm without debt, or an “unlevered” firm
    By John C. Groth


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