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Definition of

multinational business


firm operating in more than one country a company that operates internationally, usually with subsidiaries, offices, or production facilities in more than one country.

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  • The Growth of Sustainability Reporting
    by Wim Bartels
    Wim Bartels has been global head of KPMG’s Sustainability Services Network since October 2007. He studied business economics and accountancy at Amsterdam’s Vrije Universiteit before qualifying as a chartered accountant in 1993. He has worked as an auditor and forensic accountant. In 2001 he became a KPMG partner, taking overall responsibility for the group’s sustainability services, including the provision of sustainability assurance services to...
  • Multinational Business Finance
    David K. Eiteman, Arthur I. Stonehill, and Michael H. Moffett (13th ed 2012, originally 1973)
    Helps managers of multinational enterprises recognize and capitalize on the unique characteristics of the global markets. Communicates the background and complexities of international finance, maintaining a managerial focus. Examines the environment that the multinational business operates in, and offers guidance on the specific financial and business measures that need to be taken into account for varying circumstances.
  • Why Organizations Need to be Regulated—Lessons from History
    by Bridget Hutter
    As far back as the Middle Ages, history provides plenty of lessons on the effects of the failure of financial institutions, of consumer ignorance being exploited through the sale of inappropriate securities, pension plans, and mortgages, and of high and opaque charges for financial products and services. Arguably, regulation has become imperative today, given the increasingly transnational nature of financial markets. Another factor is the...
  • Payment Factories: How to Streamline Financial Flows
    by Chris Skinner
    During the past few years, banks and their clients have been consolidating their payments infrastructures into single, global platforms. Payment consolidation helps to overcome the issues of fragmentation between systems that have been set up over the years. For large international banks and businesses in particular, having duplicate systems in different geographies just does not make sense. As a result, international banks and companies have...

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