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Definition of

Monetary Policy Committee


Bank of England committee that sets interest rates a committee of the Bank of England, chaired by the Governor of the Bank, that has responsibility for setting UK interest rates independently of the British government. Its goal is to set rates with a view to keeping inflation at a defined level and avoiding deflation.

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    The main role of the audit committee comes down to providing delegated board oversight over financial reporting and financial risk management. Maintaining a continuing dialog with the internal and external auditors is very much a central part of the audit committee’s activities, as is its relationship with the finance director and the finance team
    By Richard Wilson

  • The Role of Internal Auditing at Board Committee Level

    Best Practice

    In the aftermath of the Wall Street financial crisis, one of the major areas that has been identified as needing improvement is corporate governance. Boards of directors and their committees, despite receiving extremely summarized and condensed information, now have a well-established responsibility for managing the overall organizational risk (Kolb and Schwartz, 2010
    By Sridhar Ramamoorti

  • Managing the Relationships between Audit Committees and the CAE

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    The audit committee is intended, overall, to assist an organization to achieve an effective internal control structure derived directly from the tone at the top. The authority of an audit committee is drawn from the board of directors, the rules and regulations of the organization, and any relevant governance legislation of the country or countries within which the organization operates.
    By Richard E. Cascarino

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    A couple of years ago, it all seemed fairly clear. At a time when the world economy was teetering on the brink of collapse as a result of the global financial crisis, Beijing appeared to be taking the lead on reform of the international monetary system.
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