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Definition of

minimum subscription

Stockholding & Investments

minimum bid for new issue the smallest number of shares or securities that may be applied for in a new issue

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    Triodos was founded in 1980 as one of the world’s first explicitly ethical banks. We have our head office in the Netherlands and branches in Spain, Germany, Belgium, and the United Kingdom. Our objective from the outset was to make money a force for good. This means that we only lend to clients who can demonstrate that they have both a strong track record and that their main aim is beneficial to either society or the environment. This positions...
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    of raising more capital, but it could also increase general awareness of the charity, which of course would appeal to our clients. In that kind of instance we might set the minimum subscription at around £500, which would give a large number of retail investors the chance to participate. For higher-risk bonds
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    When ratings are requested by parties other than the issuer, and without direct access to the issuer for questioning, they are usually marked as “public information” or given similar subscripting by the rating agency
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