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Definition of

market potential


predictions about product's sales and earning possibilities a forecast of the size of a market in terms of revenue, numbers of buyers, or other factors

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  • In Data We Trust
    by Björn Bloching
    There were harbingers of the customer data revolution in the early 1990s—on the shelves of Wal-Mart’s stores, among other places. The world’s largest retailer had invested early in database systems, initially in order to optimize its logistics and warehousing. A number of anecdotes circulate about how the company’s marketers had their eureka moment regarding information technology. A Wal-Mart manager told us it happened like this: a smart cookie...
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    However, many organizations do not integrate the potential impact of catastrophes into the strategic risk framework. This can result in an organization suffering large unexpected losses from a catastrophe despite investing significant time and energy into a risk management framework. For example, a
    By Duncan Martin

  • Challenges in Global Energy and Their Potential Impact on the Cost of Energy


    in the same locality. On older nuclear plants, which is to say plants where the basic design is more than 20 years old, governments are going to have a much more difficult job granting end-of-life extensions. I cannot for a minute think that this will be the end for the nuclear industry, but it does mean that a highly regulated industry is going to become even more intensely regulated, which adds an additional layer of difficulty for potential investors in new nuclear plant.
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  • Emerging Markets

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    Emerging markets are generally regarded as bringing higher risk for investors than developed markets, though this needs to be seen in the context of their higher potential rewards. Though emerging markets have traditionally relied heavily on manufactured goods for exports to more developed countries, signs have emerged in recent years that domestic consumers are becoming increasingly important contributors to the success of companies in countries such as Brazil and China.


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