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management information system

Operations & Production

computer system with information for management decisions a computer-based system for collecting, storing, processing, and providing access to information used in the management of an organization. Management information systems evolved from early electronic data processing systems. They support managerial decision making by providing regular structured reports on organizational operations. Management information systems may support the functional areas of an organization such as finance, marketing, or production. Decision support systems and EISs are types of management information system developed for more specific purposes.

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  • The Case for Continuous Auditing of Management Information Systems

    Best Practice

    Management information systems represent the aggregation of personnel, computer hardware and software, and associated policies and procedures, allowing data processing to generate information that can be used for decision-making. Corporations typically have management information systems
    By Robert E. Davis

  • Reducing Costs and Improving Efficiency with New Management Information Systems

    Best Practice

    Management information systems (MIS) make it possible for organizations to get the right information to the right people at the right time by enhancing the interaction between the organization’s people, the data collected in its various IT systems, and the procedures it uses
    By Beverly Goldberg


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