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Definition of

maintenance bond

Stockholding & Investments

guarantee for period after complete transaction a bond that provides a guarantee against defects for some time after a contract has been fulfilled

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  • Islamic Modes of Finance and the Role of Sukuk

    Best Practice

    rent, and terms of payment. Maintenance and insurance of the leased asset are the bank’s responsibility, whereas the lessee has to bear the running costs as well as any repair costs in the case of misuse. As shariah does not allow for the combination of leasing and ownership in one single contract
    By Abdel-Rahman Yousri Ahmad

  • Pension Funds—The Dangers of Taking Off-Benchmark Foreign Exchange Risk


    However, the question then is whether the fund manager should manage the hedging in-house, including putting in place the necessary foreign exchange trading infrastructure, or whether to outsource the maintenance of the hedge to an external provider. The question equity or bond fund managers have
    By Mark Hogg

  • Norway

    QFINANCE Country Profiles

    The package includes increased government spending of NOK16.75 billion (US$2.4 billion) for projects such as road and railway construction, maintenance and new projects in townships, and renewable-energy projects. The remaining NOK3.25 billion (US$466 million) will be provided in tax relief

  • The Value and Management of Intellectual Property, Intangible Assets, and Goodwill

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    Cost-based methodologies, such as the cost to create or the cost to replace, assume that there is some relationship between cost and value, and the approach has very little to commend itself other than ease of use. The method ignores changes in the time value of money, and maintenance.
    By Kelvin King


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