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Definition of

lean enterprise

Operations & Production

efficient business structure with little waste an organizational model that strategically applies the key ideas behind lean production. A lean enterprise is viewed as a group of separate individuals, functions, or organizations that operate as one entity. The goal is to apply lean techniques that create individual breakthroughs in companies and to link these up and down the supply chain to form a continuous value stream to raise the whole chain to a higher level.

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  • Five Routes to Greater Profitability for Small and Medium Enterprises

    Best Practice

    Although the routes to profitability discussed in this article are particularly important to the small or medium-sized enterprise (SME), they are broadly applicable to firms of any size. When reviewing these five key steps, ask yourself how many you can implement in your firm—or in your division
    By Thomas McKaig

  • Financial Reporting: Conveying the Message Down the Line

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    Of all the functions in an enterprise that cannot, indeed must not, be the province of the function itself is finance. In fact, the more finance is separated from the rest of the organization’s thinking and operations, the greater the risk for the enterprise and its stakeholders.
    By Leslie L. Kossoff

  • Advantages of Finance Best Practice Networks

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    The structure and goals of finance transformation projects reflect what the production and supply-chain side of companies have already addressed under the umbrella of “lean manufacturing”–the acceleration, automation, and simplification of processes; the reduction of working capital
    By Hans-Dieter Scheuermann

  • Corporate Finance for SMEs

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    A recession or similar downturn is absolutely the time to do a root and branch review, “lift the drains,” and spring-clean the business. Why? Two reasons: First, because you have more time to do it during a recession; and second, because having done so, you will emerge lean and mean when
    By Terry Carroll


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