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Definition of

insurance reserves


insurance firm's funds in reserve the assets that an insurance company maintains to meet future claims or losses.

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  • Enterprise Risk Management and Solvency II
    by Andy Davies
    There is a great deal that the insurance sector has to come to terms with as it addresses the implications of Solvency II. There are broad general questions such as: What does it all mean? How will it be achieved and its requirements met? How much will it cost both from a capital and a monetary perspective? What resources are required? Then there is the related issue of how the International Financial Reporting Standards will fit with Solvency...
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  • Longevity Insurance

    Key Concepts

    Longevity insurance is designed to protect pension funds against the costs of its pensioners living longer than expected. In 2006, there were reports that the global market in trading the “longevity risk” faced by pension funds could eventually outstrip the huge credit derivatives market. However

  • Insurance—Bruised, Not Crushed

    Best Practice

    There is no doubt that, compared with the banks and the investment banks, the insurance sector has come through the crash in relatively good order. The sector has not escaped entirely. AIG, the world’s biggest insurer, needed a US$85 billion bailout from the Federal Reserve to help the company unwind its credit default swap (CDS) positions “in an orderly manner,” without precipitating one of the biggest insolvencies ever in US insurance history
    By Robert P. Hartwig

  • Longevity, Reserves, and Annuities—A Difficult Circle to Square

    Best Practice

    -term liabilities. Their job is made more difficult by regulators who, after the current banking sector turmoil, can be expected to take a very conservative view of asset values. The result will be that insurers will have to hold much higher capital reserves—and this, again, will raise the price of annuities. From
    By Paul Belok


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