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Definition of

input tax


tax added at each manufacturing stage a tax added at each stage in the manufacture of a product.

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  • See also VAT
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  • Why EVA Is the Best Measurement Tool for Creating Shareholder Value

    Best Practice

    accounting metrics that managers can influence. Consider instead output, on an annual basis, as operating profit after tax, with certain adjustments for intangible and other long-term investments and other accounting anomalies, and input as the annual rental charge on the total capital employed, both debt and equity
    By Erik Stern

  • Data-Driven Continuous Risk Assessment: How Internal Audit Keeps Pace with the Speed of Business

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    Below are a series of updated heat maps based on the same input data as presented in Figure 1. Normally these maps use a color gradient—from green (low risk) through yellow and orange (medium risk) to red (high risk)—to represent an increasing risk gradient from lower left on the diagram to upper
    By Joe Oringel

  • Austria

    QFINANCE Country Profiles

    Austria’s open economy started to slow down in 2008. The government introduced a generous stimulus package, consisting mostly of lasting tax cuts, in order to offset the downturn and this has led to government deficits and a rise in public debt. The Austrian banking system was strongly exposed to central, eastern, and southeastern Europe and the authorities implemented a large banking stabilization package, including public capital injections and guarantees.

  • Valuation and Project Selection When the Market and Face Value of Dividends Differ

    Best Practice

    Whether the face and market values of dividends differ is a much debated question among finance academics, but there is plenty of evidence that they do. One reason for the difference is taxation. If the company gives you a dollar of dividends and then the government takes away $0.25 in tax, you
    By Graham Partington


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