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industrial marketing


marketing of goods or services to organizations the marketing of goods or services to companies, as opposed to individual consumers. Industrial marketing involves a number of key differences from selling to consumers. These include a smaller customer base with higher value or larger unit purchases, more technically complex or specially tailored products, professionally qualified purchasers, closer buyer--seller relationships, and possible group-purchasing decision making.

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  • Savings is a Growth Industry


    Yes I am. The long-term trends are positive because populations are ageing, which means people are going to need to save more. That makes savings a growth industry. There’s also a short-term boost because of what’s going on in the hedge fund area. Another aspect is that boutiques, small specialist
    By Anthony Bolton

  • Long-Term Reputation Effects in the Global Financial Industry: How the Financial Crisis Has Fundamentally Changed Reputation Dynamics

    Best Practice

    But the discussions held at that time about accounting fraud, excessive managerial pay, and a lack of corporate governance had by no means disappeared from collective memory. Indeed, they formed the breeding ground for the US subprime crisis—which became acute from mid-2007—to expand quickly into a global financial market crisis, because the global financial industry in particular could no longer rely on any broad-based confidence bonus
    By Mark Eisenegger, Daniel Künstle

  • IPOs in Emerging Markets

    Best Practice

    The main reason for IPOs is the need for fresh capital to finance various business activities, such as the development of new products or expansion into new markets. Most IPOs are launched by relatively small but dynamic companies, which grow too fast to be financed only in traditional ways
    By Janusz Brzeszczynski

  • Modeling Market Risk

    Best Practice

    Every financial institution with a portfolio exposed to market risk should have a model in place which is designed to measure that risk. Such a model allows one to control and to limit the market risk taken by each desk or by the traders and to charge each portfolio position a cost of capital
    By Marius Bochniak


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