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Definition of

index number


number indicating relative economic change a weighted average of a number of observations of an economic attribute, for example, retail prices expressed as a percentage of a similar weighted average calculated at an earlier period

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    Best Practice

    Active managers may also make use of a passive approach for a number of reasons. If they believe that the underlying signals that drive the performance of their active strategy are currently not strong enough, an alternative is to match their portfolio to the index to avoid introducing risk and potentially letting performance deteriorate. A passive approach is also of use if investors are engaging in tactical asset allocation
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  • Irving Fisher


    His treatment of the Money Illusion anticipated later research on the psychology of decision-making by Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky; discuss the impact on investors and savers of the tendency to think of currency in nominal, rather than real terms. In The Making of Index Numbers, he looks at the critical role of index numbers in monetary theory, statistical theory, econometrics, and index number theory

  • Gerasimos G. Rompotis


    His work has been published in a number of industry journals such as the Journal of Asset Management, the Guide to Exchange Traded Funds and Indexing Innovations issued by Institutional Investor Journals and the International Research Journal of Finance and Economics, including the European conferences.

  • Laurie Carroll


    is an active member of CIS’s fiduciary risk committee and has over 29 years of industry experience. Her career at BNY Mellon spans 24 years, during which she has held positions of increasing responsibility for a number of company affiliates. Most recently, she served as managing director of short


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