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Definition of

incremental scale

HR & Personnel

system of salaries increasing by regular yearly amounts a scale that includes standard increases, especially a salary scale that increases by regular annual amounts

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  • Comparing Net Present Value and Internal Rate of Return

    Best Practice

    and A is that B requires an additional outlay of $5,000 and provides additional cash proceeds of $5,700. Table 1 shows that the IRR of the incremental investment is 14%, which is clearly worthwhile for a company that can obtain additional funds at 10%. The $5,000 saved by investing in A can earn $5
    By Harold Bierman, Jr

  • Modeling Market Risk

    Best Practice

    VaR, the incremental risk charge, and the comprehensive risk measure.
    By Marius Bochniak

  • Understanding Economic Efficiency Theory


    relatively small number of units. At the other extreme, although above-optimal production can, in theory, generate economies of scale, in practice this apparent benefit is often more than offset by additional costs related to the overstressing of existing systems

  • Capturing the Equity Premium


    they are likely to scale up over time. When allocating to alternative beta strategies as a whole, investors often consider appointing two or three managers using different alternative beta approaches to run a segment of their portfolio. In these instances, our diversified risk approach is often complementary
    By Erik Gosule


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