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Definition of

imperfect competition


situation blocking new competitors in market a situation that exists in a market when there are strong barriers to the entry of new competitors.

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  • Joseph Stiglitz


    are not really developing at all, and blames the IMF for stifling growth and information. In Whither Socialism?, he analyzes information economics and the theory of markets with imperfect information and imperfect competition, and offers a critique of both free-market and socialist approaches. This research

  • Measuring Corporate Reputation: Methodology, Findings, and Practical Implications of the BMAC Surveys

    Best Practice

    discerning factors in the literature. In terms of Jay B. Barney’s VRIN (valuable, rare, imperfectly imitable, nonsubstitutable) framework,5 reputation is a heterogeneous competence possessed by companies that have varying degrees of value. Charles Fombrun6 identifies this as reputational capital. A company
    By Michael Brown, Paul Turner

  • What Models Do We Need for Risk Management?


    reasonably well-informed. The conspiracy theorists, for instance, who see in the blind acceptance by the “establishment” of the Normal distribution as the root of all evil, have, quite simply, missed the point. Those critics who have complained about “imperfect model assumptions” do not seem to appreciate
    By Riccardo Rebonato

  • Ban Share Options and Stop Subsidizing Banks Before Recovery


    Smithers & Co., based in London. He is the coauthor of three books on international finance. His latest, Wall Street Revalued: Imperfect Markets and Inept Central Bankers, was published by Wiley in July, 2009. Earlier books areValuing Wall Street (2000), cowritten with Stephen Wright, and Japan’s Key
    By Andrew Smithers


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