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Definition of

human asset accounting

HR & Personnel

attempted valuation of employee knowledge and skills an attempt to place a financial figure on the knowledge and skills of an organization's employees or human capital.

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  • The Human Value of the Enterprise
    by Andrew Mayo
    Our people are our most important asset. This frequent statement from chief executives is often received with justifiable cynicism. The problem is that people within an organization do not always experience decisions and policies in their everyday work life that support such a belief. The accountant who once described people to me (admittedly with a smile) as “costs walking about on legs” is often closer to the reality of organizational...
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  • The Human Value of the Enterprise

    Best Practice

    Human resource accounting, or human asset accounting, has been primarily developed in the United States under the guidance of Professor Eric Flamholz. He sees the value of a person as the product of two interacting variables—his or her conditional value and the probability that the person will stay
    By Andrew Mayo

  • Corporate Responsibility in a Global World: Marrying Investment in Human Capital with Focus on Costs

    Best Practice

    are also the impetus for a fundamental shift in organizational thinking in terms of the people employed. Organizations that adopt a human capital approach to the management of their workforce immediately shift that workforce from the cost to the asset side of the balance sheet. People become assets
    By Angela Baron

  • Asset Allocation Methodologies

    Best Practice

    that is far from normal. However, many asset allocation methodologies still do not take these trade-offs into account, because they either assume that the returns on assets are normally distributed, or they assume that investors only have preferences concerning standard deviation, and not skewness or kurtosis.
    By Tom Coyne


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