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Definition of

highly geared company


firm with relatively large debts a company that has a large amount of debt in proportion to its equity.

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  • Measuring Gearing


    Gearing, also known as leverage, is an indicator of a company’s ability to service its debt. Gearing is usually expressed as a percentage and is calculated by dividing the company’s debt by its equity. Gearing shows the degree to which a firm’s activities are funded by owners’ funds versus creditors

  • Every Company Is a Media Company


    Richard Sambrook was an influential and senior BBC executive and leading manager of its news services before joining the Edelman public relations company in 2010. Born in 1956, he was educated at Maidstone Technical High School, the University of Reading (where he gained a BA in English
    By Richard Sambrook

  • MBOs: A High-Octane and Life-Changing Mode of Business

    Best Practice

    Leverage is a business school type word—my eldest daughter would probably say it was cool! If your company were an automobile, leveraging it would be like filling the trunk with high explosive and then driving off on a long journey with your fingers crossed.
    By Andy Nash

  • The Cost of Reputation: The Impact of Events on a Company’s Financial Performance

    Best Practice

    There is some evidence for this claim in the context of corporate social responsibility (CSR). Recent research suggests that in the case of a product recalls, for example, companies with high CSR ratings lose on average US$600 million less in firm market value than companies with low ratings
    By Daniel Diermeier


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