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Definition of

harvesting strategy


slowing marketing activity before sale of product ends a reduction in or cessation of marketing for a product prior to it being withdrawn from sale, resulting in an increase in profits on the back of previous marketing and advertising campaigns

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  • Capital Structure: A Strategy that Makes Sense

    Best Practice

    The rudeness of imperfect markets prompts us to adopt a reasonable strategy that allows one to benefit from the tenets of capital structure theory while respecting the reality of markets and economies. Imperfect capital markets, bankruptcy costs, and that a company with financial flexibility may have attractive opportunities during periods of adverse market conditions argue for a strategy for the management of capital structure
    By John C. Groth

  • Carrying Out Due Diligence on Hedge Funds

    Best Practice

    exploit perceived pricing anomalies to eke out small, steady gains, while strong commodity, currency, and interest rate trends could be harvested by momentum-driven strategies such as those used by CTAs (commodity trading advisers) and global funds. There is no shortage of managers playing across different
    By Amarendra Swarup

  • Private Equity Fund Monitoring and Risk Management

    Best Practice

    The monitoring process of private equity fund commitments is at the fund level, and is focused on the progress of the portfolio companies and financial performance. At the fund manager level, the investor concentrates on the manager’s structural and behavioral developments, such as adherence to the strategy, governance structures, compliance with the terms of the partnership agreement, and the value contribution to the underlying portfolio companies.
    By Rainer Ender

  • Assessing Opportunities for Growth in Small and Medium Enterprises

    Best Practice

    Enterprises that have been functioning for a period of time have strategies that were either formulated or which emerged. The first test of whether to seize an opportunity is to evaluate whether it is consistent with the firm’s strategy, as the risk and cost of failure can be high if there is a
    By Frank Hoy


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