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Definition of

gross turnover


total turnover all of a business's income less statutory allowances, and other taxes on this income

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    systems and should be interrogated as part of the risk assessment. Examples of KPI queries include actual vs. budgeted financial performance (e.g. quarterly sales), actual vs. budgeted operational performance (e.g. number of new customers), gross or net profit margins, and employee turnover, among many
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    Circulating capital. In the example, it takes 60 days for money to complete one trip through the cycle. Using a 360-day year for convenience, we could circulate the same money six times during the year. Many call this a “turnover” of 6.0. If we take money out of cash and send it through the cycle
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  • Creating a Profit and Loss (P&L) Account


    the financial reports of two different companies to be compared. Note that in the United Kingdom and several other nations, sales, revenues, and receipts may all be designated as turnover.

  • Monaco

    QFINANCE Country Profiles

    Very little information on Monaco’s economy is available. Official economic statistics are not published. However, according to a US State Department report released in March 2010, which cited estimates for 2006, gross domestic product amounted to US$6.086 billion.


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