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Definition of

green dollar


spending and investment based on environmental awareness money spent on environmentally sound products and services and investing in companies with environmentally sound policies and practices.

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  • Why the World Needs a Green New Deal


    Since launching the Green Economy Initiative in October 2008, we have been heartened by the response from so many economies and world leaders. Many of the multi-billion dollar stimulus packages currently being deployed around the world have elements of the Global Green New Deal built into them.
    By Achim Steiner, Pavan Sukhdev

  • Grow Globally: The New Altitude of Cross-Border M&A

    Best Practice

    However, the picture isn’t as rosy as we may wish to see. Rise up, stretch, and rub the green dollar signs from your eyes. Three out of five deals do not live up to expectations, mainly due to culture clash, poor due diligence, misalignment of strategic goals with the market reality, and contrasting management styles, but also to a myriad of other pitfalls.
    By Mona Pearl

  • Venture Capital Funds as an Alternative Class of Investment

    Best Practice

    These observations do not bode well for the industry, as venture investments in the energy, nanotechnology, and green-technology sectors are likely to be the most common type of opportunity presented to investors in the future. These investments will be seeking considerable capital funding (investments are likely to be measured in billions rather than millions of dollars), with promises of big returns
    By Michael D. McKenzie, Bill Janeway

  • Proceed with Caution: Chinese Economic Policy


    Instead of an international monetary system based on the dollar—the model chosen at Bretton Woods in preference to Keynes’s version—the People’s Bank governor gave a powerful hint that Beijing preferred to shift the focus on to the special drawing right (SDR), the IMF’s currency basket. Just
    By David Smith


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