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Definition of


Corporate Governance

management of firm the process of managing a company, especially with respect to the soundness or otherwise of its management

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  • Governance

    Key Concepts

    Governance is associated with decision making, either at the public or private level.

  • Governance and Reputation Risk

    Best Practice

    Reputation risk is diminished when corporate culture and strategy are closely aligned but heightened when they are divergent.2 In this context, the role of corporate governance is to produce and enforce rules and structures to align a firm’s operating procedures and strategy to produce superior
    By Andrew Tucker

  • The Audit Committee and Corporate Governance


    So a nonexecutive director who is, say, a marketing specialist might comment on the company's marketing plans, but he or she certainly should not be providing detailed consultancy support on those plans. Oversight embraces the issue of corporate governance, but seen from a challenge perspective.
    By Richard Wilson


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